Born in 1970 at the forefront of Generation X, I was glued to the TV as a kid. Sonny & Cher, Carole Burnette, All In The Family, CHiPs, The Mod Squad, Starsky & Hutch, The Brady Bunch. The list goes on and on. Those old sit-coms and variety shows were great, but I lived for Saturday morning. Sesame Street and The Muppet Show were two of my favorites.


I always tried to imitate the characters on the shows I watched, and by age 8 I could do a mean Kermit the Frog. My love of character voice impressions followed me through my whole life — I gave the eulogy at my grandfather’s funeral in his voice! That’s why I chose Ryerson’s Radio and Television Arts program when it came time to choose a career path. I graduated in 1992 and found work in radio where I voiced thousands of ads. I learned mic technique, how to breathe, and most importantly, how to interpret copy.


Now, I offer professional voice-over services.

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